Our company, Angel Care Senior Transports, is one of the top providers of senior transportation services. We offer a wide range of travel support services to the elderly, from transportation to and from the hospitals or clinics, to visiting their loved ones, joining special events, domestic and international travels and many more. Our company believes that senior citizens deserve safe, comfortable and budget-savvy transport services – the same reason why we are here to help.

Ground Ambulance

Senior citizens who are registered in the States’ Programs for Seniors Citizens are provided ground ambulance services that are free of charge. We schedule many different services for ground ambulance companies. Elders under our care will be carried by ground ambulance from one hospital to another. This is to ensure that they get the highest possible healthcare services. In addition, families who have entrusted us their elders can be assured that costs of the ground ambulance transfers are taken care of by the insurance company when the elders’ doctor recommends that it is necessary for medical reasons.

Jet Ambulance

Aside from medical helicopters, our company also provides air ambulance jets for the old ones’ medical transports. Teamed up with the most experienced medical staff, Angel Care Senior Transports’ state-of-the-art air ambulance medical jets are a great choice for senior’s overseas transportation needs. We also offer other medically-suitable flight alternatives, like the long distance ground medical transportation.

Helicopter Ambulance

Our company’s air ambulance services via helicopter are available seven days a week and twenty-four hours a day. We also provide bed-to-bed services for both international and domestic transports. We use only the most equipped helicopters for our air ambulance services, while constantly monitoring the elder’s health condition. Further, the air ambulance helicopters that our company provides are highly specialized, with advanced medical equipment and professional medical personnel.

Health Care

Aside from the transportation support services, Angel Care Senior Transports also see to it that the elders get sufficient homecare services. We at our company extend a helping hand by providing various personal care services. This includes support around the house, patient monitoring and companionship. We are committed to reducing our senior folks’ feelings of loneliness and isolation. In addition, we guarantee families that their old men and women are given better medication since they are given the freedom to see their doctors more regularly.