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If you need high quality, convenient and timely ground ambulance services, you’ve come to the right place. Angel Care Senior Transports has the vehicles and the staffs to guarantee quick and comfortable transportation in the case of medical emergencies and health problems.

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A Range of Medical Transportation Services

This is an on-demand ground ambulance service. We put a lot of emphasis on the patient’s needs and safety. This is why the Angel Care Senior Transports clients can choose among a range of medical transportation possibilities. An ambulance will be available in the case of:

  • Need to visit a medical clinic or a hospital (whether for in-patient treatments or examination)
  • Need to go to chemotherapy
  • Dentist and doctor appointments
  • Therapy and rehabilitation sessions that take place at medical facilities
  • Need to transport a senior patient from one medical facility to another
  • Transporting a patient to an air ambulance service

The Benefits of Choosing a Specialized Ground Ambulance Service

We’ll do our best to reach your location in a timely manner. The quality of a senior transportation service can sometimes make all of the difference in the world. The team is properly trained to handle emergencies and play a supportive role until a medical facility is reached.

In addition, we’ll help you or your elderly relatives get ready. It’s not just a pickup service, we provide a comprehensive solution that many seniors in need are desperate to receive. We’ll be there to also return you home and help you get settled after the medical appointment or hospital visit is done.

We’re committed to keeping elderly people healthy. Thus, we can provide additional assistance in terms of understanding medical instructions and making the arrangements for the purchase of pharmaceutical products or medical supplies.

It’s more than just a ground ambulance service and our attention to detail sets us apart from what other companies on the market have to offer. We’re highly motivated to keep our patients healthy and happy. This philosophy is reflected in just about everything that we do.

Additional Services

The Angel Care Senior Transports ground ambulance service is just the beginning. Depending on the situation and the urgency, we have a couple of additional transportation opportunities for our clients to choose among.

Helicopter and jet air ambulance services are also available whenever traffic or weather conditions make it very difficult to reach the final destination using a ground ambulance. Whenever speed is the biggest issue, we’ll be ready to suggest alternatives.

Why Choose Angel Care Senior Transports for Your Older Relatives

As already mentioned, we focus on the well being of our customers. If you’re worried about the health of older relatives, Angel Care Senior Transports is the service you should be looking for.

By opting for our patient care and ground transportation services, you’ll be guaranteeing a higher quality of life, reduced feelings of helplessness and isolation and the knowledge that assistance will be provided in a timely manner during emergencies.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and inquire about the ground ambulance, as well as the air transportation services that we have available. The experienced and friendly Angel Care Senior Transports team will be more than happy to provide all of the essential information you need.