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In some medical emergencies, speed can be life-saving. If you need to bring a loved one to the hospital fast, you should look for a reliable air ambulance service. A helicopter can reach a hospital or a medical clinic much more rapidly than a ground ambulance. This is particularly true for busy urban areas or emergencies that take place during rush hour.

Angel Care Senior Transports has reliable and cost-efficient helicopter air ambulance services that simplify the transportation of senior patients in need of emergency care. The experience of the team and the quality of the equipment that we work with both turn us into an industry leader.

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Quality Medical Equipment Onboard

If you’ve never used a helicopter ambulance in the past (and we sincerely hope that you have had no need for such equipment), you may be concerned about the safety and the convenience that such ambulances can provide.

The Angel Care Senior Transports helicopters are equipped with everything necessary to support the vital functions of a patient during the flight, to monitor their condition and make them feel comfortable.

Our helicopters come with modern patient monitoring and resuscitation equipment, oxygen systems, aspirators and stretchers. The medical equipment onboard monitors vitals and records the information so that a physician can rely on this data for the selection of the best treatment option.

Needless to say, our pilots and team members have the necessary qualifications and experience to give you a top-notch transportation service. Attention to detail and personalization are typical for all of our services, helping patients and their relatives rest assured that they’re in good hands

The Benefits of Emergency Air Ambulance Services

The first and probably the most important benefit of choosing a helicopter ambulance is the ability to avoid all of the traffic and getting stuck in a traffic jam. A ground ambulance will be slowed down, regardless of the fact that it’s a special status vehicle. By opting for helicopter transportation, you can decrease the amount of time required to reach the hospital significantly.

Helicopter ambulances are also beneficial when a long distance medical facility has to be reached. If the patient lives far away from the hospital or in another city, air transportation is the only one that will make sense.

With a helicopter, the Angel Care Senior Transports team can reach remote areas and little villages that feature poor roads or that simply can’t be accessed via ground-based transportation.

The modern equipment in the helicopter enables the early initiation of management, stabilization or treatment. Under the guidance of a physician, our team can begin performing emergency procedures or administering medications to stabilize a patient.

Why Choose Us?

State of the art equipment, experience and attention to detail all set us apart from the competition.

Angel Care Senior Transports is a company dedicated to providing high quality services that are tailored to individual needs. We treat each emergency and each request for assistance in a unique manner, helping patients on the basis of their specific condition. We work together with the relatives and medical professionals to respond quickly and guarantee the safety and wellbeing of patients.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and inquire about our helicopter ambulance or to request our assistance immediately.