Services Air Ambulance Companies Provide For Senior Patients

Air ambulance services may be emergency transportation, air travel to specific facilities for particular medical care, and sometimes treatments or operations which aren’t provided by other patient transports, and much more.

Air ambulances are capable of carrying patients from one hospital to another. Companies aim to provide fast response and medical care to patients while traveling, in the least time possible especially for life-threatening conditions. Licensed and certified staffs are constantly trained to provide the best medical care to patients.

Each air ambulance service provider is different, depending on what specific packages they offer. Some may only broker and negotiate the use of other companies’ aircraft to patients. Fact checking is crucial, especially in discerning medical staff and capabilities.


“However, companies may provide different services. It would be worth checking their qualifications and credentials especially for the personnel. There are also companies that may only assist in making arrangements and negotiations to companies which actually own aircrafts with the provisions mentioned above.


Some operators own their aircraft; some have exclusive leases with reputable providers; and some “companies” are actually brokers who broker out flights to the cheapest provider so that they can make the most profit. These distinctions can affect safety and quality of service.


When providers operate their own aircraft or have exclusive operating agreements, they know exactly which aircraft patients are flying on, including condition, maintenance history and safety features. When brokers are choosing operators based on price, there is more likelihood that corners are being cut somewhere along the line. (In this industry, be aware that the best price may not always be the safest decision.)


Ask the following questions:


  • Do you own aircraft yourself or have exclusive use arrangements with specific providers?
  • What type of aircraft will my loved one be transported on?
  • What safety features does the aircraft offer?”

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Companies providing these services have fast response in times of medical emergencies, trauma and disasters over great distances over land or water at any time, in any weather condition, and may cater to different emergency cases.

Upon receiving emergency or distress calls, the details regarding specific needs, requirements, and budget, among others, are inquired. Real time tracking systems on air ambulances give information on its location and arrival or departure time.


“…three main medical transport services: (a) inter-facility patient transfers; (b) on-scene emergency response requiring aero-medical evacuation; and (c) transport of organs for transplant and the transport of surgical recovery teams to hospitals and transplant centres.”

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Some services offered by our team of partners:

  • Air Ambulance Service
  • Commercial Medical Escort
  • Medical Air Transport
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport
  • Commercial Airline Stretcher Service
  • Discounted Air Travel
  • Air Ambulance Insurance Assistance

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Continuous development and advancement in technology, skill and knowledge help air ambulances save numerous lives.