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Choosing senior homecare services is one of the best ways to guarantee that your parents or loved elderly relatives are safe and healthy. The Angel Care Senior Transports team will provide personalized assistance anywhere you need it.

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About Our Homecare Services

It may sound a bit strange but the selection of quality senior homecare service is the best option for guaranteeing the independence of loved ones. We have a range of solutions like scheduling, the creation of a personalized home care plan, providing specialized care for patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, hygiene and physical assistance, nursing and non-medical homecare.

We understand that it’s difficult to let a person that you don’t know enter your home and take care of an elderly, vulnerable person. This is the main reason why all of the Angel Care Senior Transports professionals have the certification and extensive experience needed to give you peace of mind. By choosing the right professional, you can rest assured that an elderly person you love is safe and properly taken care of.

Choose the Services that You Need the Most

The family is the one that determines what type of homecare will be needed and how frequently a professional should visit the home.

To give our clients access to personalized services, we’ve developed a comprehensive catalog of solutions. It’s up to you to decide what your parents or elderly relatives need. If you want some scheduling assistance, we can schedule a preliminary consultation during which our team will help you choose the best homecare plan.

Some of the options that our clients can choose among include:

– Companion care (reading, doing puzzles together, using technologies like internet and working on the prevention of cognitive decline)

– Personal assistance (with bathing, getting dressed, eating food and using the bathroom)

– Nursing care (medication management, assessment of vitals, response in the case of an emergency situation)

In addition to the senior homecare services, we have a range of specialized transportation solutions. In the case of a medical emergency, you can opt for our ground ambulances or air ambulance options. We have you covered, regardless of the independence level or medical conditions that the people you love suffer from.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons why you should choose the Angel Care Senior Transports team for homecare.

For a start, we’re professionals that have the needs and preferences of clients as our main priority. The personalization and attention to detail result in customized services that are individually catered to address the specific requirements of each elderly client.

The team consists of experienced professionals. Some of our experts have nursing and medicinal background to provide emergency assistance and oversee the execution of a treatment plan.

You can choose as much or as little assistance as you’re comfortable with. If your parent, for example, is independent and healthy, companion care during the day will be a good pick. In the case of people suffering from medical conditions or serious cognitive decline, we’ll be ready to provide much more comprehensive homecare solutions.

Looking forward to choosing the best homecare option for a loved one? Do you have questions about picking one type of assistance or another? Give us a call today to have all of your questions answered.